Walk with the guide past the beautiful castle, farms formerly owned by the baron, the former vegetable garden and greenhouses.

historic avenues

Estate tour
Will you walk the estate with the guide on Sunday morning? The estate tour goes past the beautiful castle, past farms formerly owned by the baron, shows the former gardens and greenhouses, the service houses and the restored landscape. The avenues, the meandering Aa, Motte castle De Heeskijk.

The guide talks about the building history of the castle, the history of the estate, the avenues and current plantings.

The estate tour takes about 1.5 hours (3 kilometers). The fee is €6,00 for all participants from 4 years and up and €3,- p.p. for patrons of Brabants Landschap. Minimum number of participants is 2.

Wanneer: zondagochtend 10.30 uur, tickets zijn tot een dag vooraf online te verkrijgen.