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Visit Castle Heeswijk - The Castle of Brabant Experience the thousand year history of the castle: climb the towers, discover the rich castle rooms and enjoy the castle garden.

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Hhe Castle of Brabant has been situated prominently in the valley of the Aa near Den Bosch for almost a thousand years, as the impressive centrepiece of the Heeswijk estate. The Lords of Heeswijk-Dinther administered their domain from here. Castle Heeswijk has a long, turbulent history and was an important place in the region because of its strategic location and rich possessions. Curious how it all started and what role the castle played in the history of Brabant?

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genomineerd voor leukste uitje van noord-brabant 2024

Ons Dagje Heeswijk arrangement is genomineerd voor
L E U K S T E  U I T J E  V A N  N O O R D – B R A B A N T 2024
Met dit arrangement duik je in de geschiedenis van het kasteel en ontdek je de historie van het landgoed met een leuke wandeling. Een gezellig dagje samen uit!
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