in a nutshell

Bekijk vanuit huis alvast in vogelvlucht de bijna 1000 jaar geschiedenis van het kasteel. 

A glimpse of the beautifully decorated period rooms, works of art and special collections, because that was not foreign to the Barons Van den Bogaerde.

During your visit to the castle, we add a touch of extra nostalgia: the sound in the various rooms, the smell of the different kinds of wood, the creaking of the floors and the special stories. Because 1000 years of history cannot be captured in a few minutes. 

a vlaming becomes a brabander

André Jean Louis baron van den Bogaerde van Terbrugge, originally from Waesmunster and at the time Governor of the King in North-Brabant is the most famous inhabitant of Castle Heeswijk. He lived there with his family from 1835 until his death in 1855. In this most beautiful castle of Brabant you can still experience how a 19th century noble family lived, in which rooms, with which household goods and what was hanging on the walls. 

Schoolwork ready? Let's go!

Hey, super sleuths, you want to join the search in the digital castle?

1. Walk through the castle to the kitchen and count how many copper pans are on the stove. How many do you count?

2. In an old castle there was no running water and therefore no toilet as we know it. The toilet consisted of a small room with a wooden plank and a round hole in it, usually placed above the moat. Such a room is called The Convenience. Can you find the convenience in the castle?

3. How many beds will you encounter on your quest through the castle? Did you count them all?



De poort is weer open voor bezoekers. Dat betekent dat jij het kasteel in het écht kunt ervaren. Heerlijk ronddwalen door bijna 1000 jaar geschiedenis!