Vanaf 1 juni is Kasteel Heeswijk weer enkele dagen per week te bezoeken. Hierbij staat de veiligheid van bezoekers en medewerkers voorop.

The castle is a Brabantse Natuurpoort. From here you make beautiful walks through the woods, avenues and fields of the estate, intersected by the winding Aa. A whisper boat sails across the Aa to the Kilsdonkse Molen, a unique water/windmill. In the village of Heeswijk-Dinther you will find the museum farm and the centuries-old Abbey of Berne with its beer tasting.

Abbey of Berne

This abbey of the Order of the Norbertines is the longest existing monastic community in the Netherlands and has had an eventful history since 1134.

Whisper boat the Water flight

A whisper boat connects the castle with the Kilsdonk windmill. The trip on the Aa takes an hour and in the meantime a guide tells about the river, the mill and the castle.

Kilsdonk Mill

Kilsdonk Mill
There is a 'double' windmill on the Aa: the Kilsdonk windmill works with both wind and water. Unique in the Netherlands!

Museum farm

Museumboerderij Het Brabantse boerenleven is recorded in the museum farm. You come back into the lives of our grandparents; at a different pace,

Nature Gate Castle Heeswijk

Nature Gate Castle Heeswijk
Explore the area on foot or by bike. De Natuurpoort offers free parking, the cosy brasserie.

Heeswijk country estate

Heeswijk country estate
The estate consists of an alternation of old venerable deciduous forest, former coppice and fields and meadows, situated in the valley of the Aa River.