Fifteen employees, supported by a hundred volunteers.


Castle Heeswijk is independent and largely financially self-supporting. Revenues are mainly generated from paying visitors to the castle and from location rental. For the preservation of the monument the foundation receives limited subsidies from the province of NorthBrabant and from the state. In order to be able to meet its objectives, the foundation charges its visitors entrance fees based on the profit principle. In this way the visitor contributes to the sustainable maintenance of the castle. The Knights, Friends and Protectors provide additional financial support.

The foundation has no profit motive. The RISN number is 802053142. Any surpluses from the operation are fully invested in the castle. The foundation Kasteel Heeswijk has been designated by the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). This gives tax advantages to benefactors who support Castle Heeswijk .

De stichting onderschrijft de Fair Practice Code, de Governance Code Cultuur en de Code Diversiteit & Inclusie. 



Drs. L.L.M. Eekhout (2015)

The Supervisory Board


Ir. P.J.A. van Schijndel                 

(2013) chairman

Mr. J.H.T.M. Cuppen

(2013) secretary

R.F.M. Wagemakers

(2015) treasurer

Drs. R.C. Bastiaanse


Ing. J. Baan


Mw. Mr. M.A.B. van der Sloot



The Advisory Board

Ms. B. van Haaften(2016) chairman
D. Hendrickx O. Praem.(2013)
Drs. H. Hendriks(2016)
Drs. D. Lips(2016)
Mr. J.K.B. van Daalen(2017)
Mrs. M. Stultiens(2018)
Drs P.L.A. Ruepp(2018)
Mrs A.M. Burger(2018)
Ms. Drs. Ir. H. van Limburg Stirum(2019)

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The foundation Kasteel Heeswijk is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under no. 41080966. 

Beleidsplan – 2021 – 2025