Enjoy summer adventures at Castle Heeswijk

Summer adventures at Castle Heeswijk

Immerse yourself in the summer atmospheres of Castle Heeswijk. Whether you're looking for an adventurous scavenger hunt, a walking tour of the historic splendor or a location to relax with a delicious drink, Heeswijk Castle offers something for everyone. Discover why a visit to our beautiful castle combined with a picnic [...]

Living history at Chateau d'Heeswijk Libéré

Chateau libere

Old times revive at the Castle as French soldiers impose themselves on the Batavian republic. We reenact the battle between the French republican army and the allies! Parbleu, what is happening here? We are writing the early 19th century. A French army and their allied counterpart are taking up arms around the castle. Will [...]

Castle day: experience the forgotten stories

day of the castle 2023

On Whit Monday, May 29, 2023, it is once again time for the "Day of the Castle. This year with the theme: Upstairs/Downstairs. We will take you back in time and let you experience the stories of the indispensable staff. Who hides and schools behind our beautiful Castle Heeswijk? Staff at the Castle A [...]


The Storyteller - Duna the turd catcher

there is so much to see Are you looking for outings with children such as a scavenger hunt, school visit or children's party? Then you've come to the right place. Here kids imagine themselves in a fairy tale! SECRET STEPS & WAYS For children the castle is a real discovery. Where else can you look for secret stairs [...]

Day of the Castle

Castle Heeswijk

Day of the Castle On Whit Monday, it is traditionally the Day of the Castle. The theme for this year is "Disaster is of all times," taking us back to the disaster year of 1672 on this June 6. We move that day to the time when the famous French Sun King Louis the Fourteenth (or Louis [....]