The Chinese Room: The Pearl of Castle Heeswijk

The most beautiful room at Heeswijk Castle is undoubtedly the Chinese room. During your visit to Heeswijk Castle, don't miss the Chinese room. Admire the beautiful historical art and feast your eyes.

Discover the history

André, Baron van den Bogaerde van Terbrugge, bought Castle Heeswijk. in 1835. He was looking for a private residence for him and his family. The castle met many of his expectations and after he bought it, restorations were immediately started. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the Chinese dining room also received a makeover and was transformed into a beautiful dining room with a Chinese appearance. The residents of Castle Heeswijk also had a thing for Chinese porcelain. For centuries, it was an asset that you could use to show you had money, a sort of status symbol. This is only a small sampling of the room's history, but that's far from all.You can read the full story about Castle Heeswijk here.

The Unique Interior of the Chinese Dining Room

With a room like this, you impressed your guests immediately. A chic 19th-century room that was used as a dining room and to show off to high-ranking visitors. The Chinese dining room owes its name in part to the Chinese hand-painted paper wallpaper from the 18th century. Time in the room seems to stand still: 17th-century silk Chinese curtains, the table is set with refined Chinese porcelain and silver cutlery with the Family crest. But that takes nothing away from the beauty and experience of this room. On the silk curtains are paintings of two identical Chinese figures: a warrior and an upper-class lady.

The wooden mahogany table and oriental wooden chairs are made in the style of 17th-century furniture maker Daniel Marot. Above to table hung a wooden chandelier but has been replaced by a Venetian glass chandelier from Murano and consists of hundreds of parts in beautiful colors. The Empire mirror has been replaced by a lacquerwork mirror. However, with European imitation lacquerwork. Besides the many porcelain objects, squire Louis expanded the collection with forty diverse Chinese figurines for the mirror frame and on the chimney.

Authentic donation

Much of the terracotta, porcelain and paintings have been auctioned off, but Heeswijk Castle continues to collect beautiful works to allow this unique room to retain its character. We received a wonderful donation from Mr. E. Erenst of The Hague. The donation is a set of 6 Chinese terracotta figures, four bearers, two standard bearers and a sedan chair. This authentic set originates from the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1644 A.D.) and was excavated in Shanxi province - China. It is a valuable acquisition that has been given a nice place in the Chinese dining room.

When you come to Heeswijk Castle, be sure not to forget the Chinese room. Enjoy a beautiful walk around and through the estate Heeswijk and be amazed by our beautiful spaces.

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