in the valley of the river AA

down the avenues

Brabantse Natuurpoorten are the starting points for a bike ride or hike through Brabant's nature. Nature Gates are located at beautiful nature reserves throughout the province. There is always a hospitality point, fun cycling and walking routes, ample parking and information about nature and the routes. The network of Brabant Nature Gates is an initiative of the province of North-Brabant.

up the trails

Located in the wooded surroundings of the river valley of the Aa River, Nature Gate Castle Heeswijk is an ideal starting point for a hike or bike ride. The castle has been there for about 1000 years, for a long time as an impregnable fortress on the Aa, in the midst of marshes. From the castle, beautiful walks and bike rides can be made through the woods, lanes and fields of the estate, intersected by the winding Aa. The kingfisher is a regular guest at the castle moat. 

extraordinary enjoyment in the green