The cellars are open

cellars castle heeswijk

A real scaffold, where you are clamped head and hands. A pillory, footcuffs and a thumbscrew. Anyone who had committed a crime in the late Middle Ages did not face pleasant treatment. Corporal punishment was very common in those days, and as a prisoner it remained to be seen how you got out of an "interrogation. The collection of ancient instruments of torture in the dungeons of our castle are silent relics of a time we would rather leave behind as far as crime and punishment are concerned.

You can, of course, come and see them. Because recently our ancient castle cellars have been opened to visitors. The cellars have been restored and furnished educationally. Here as a castle guest you will hear beautiful stories about the old prisons, but also about archeology, top monuments and medieval knights and damsels.

The oldest parts

By the way, our castle goes further back in time than you might expect. The oldest parts of the castle cellars date as far back as the eleventh century. Just counting: that's almost a thousand years ago! At that time, iron chunks formed the foundation for the very first motte castle. Eventually, three-meter-thick castle walls were built, equipped with embrasures for the cannons. After all, the castle had to remain well protected from enemies and evil-doers.

Plenty to discover

Prominently situated in the wooded country of Brabant, the monumental Castle Heeswijk, the most beautiful castle in Brabant shines.

No more hidden territory

The cellars were off limits to museum visitors until recently. Castle Heeswijk now definitively opens the stairs to the cellars. With some empathy, the Middle Ages really come to life here. In addition to the restoration of the cellars, there is also a focus on excavations in the castle moat and itinerant craftsmen who built monuments.

Discover hidden stories

As a spectator, with the help of a digital console, learn how through all the years people came to live in Brabant and built their future. Meet the last baron, who tells you his "hidden stories" in a video, about how he still feels like a knight at the castle. For children we make it extra fun: they can go to the costume corner, to dress up as a real damsel or knight. The opening of the cellars will be performed by - how could it be otherwise - a knight in armor.

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