3x Cycling routes around Castle Heeswijk


That the surroundings of Heeswijk Castle are so diverse is often not noticed from the car.

When you get on your bike, you really discover what special places there are. Castle Heeswijk offers hundreds of kilometers of cycling fun. Discover our 3 suggested cycling routes.

Castle Heeswijk - Kilsdonk Mill Round trip from Veghel

One of the most famous bicycle routes in and around Castle Heeswijk is this beautiful round trip. This route is 36 kilometers long and takes you through the lookout tower Heeskijk, the castle and the Kilsdonk Mill.

All along the route you will find sign of the route, so you don't have to spend much time looking for the right way but can mainly focus on the beautiful surroundings.

Plenty to discover

Prominently situated in the wooded country of Brabant, the monumental Castle Heeswijk, the most beautiful castle in Brabant shines.

Kilsdonk Mill - Castle Heeswijk Round trip from Leest

Cycling enthusiasts beware. More than 588 years ago, the Kilsdonk Mill was created. Meanwhile, the water tower is a tourist attraction. This bicycle tour takes you through beautiful nature via the Hooidonksedijk and the castle estate, the castle garden and if you are smart you lunch At The Baroness.

Find out where this route takes you everywhere and expect an extraordinary trip.

Heerlijkheid Heeswijk-Dinther cycling route

The route passes through the stream valleys of the Leijgraaf and the Aa. Along the latter river several castles have stood, two of which are still in good condition today. You will also find a ruin.

The route is very varied, passing through low-lying river beds and higher-lying fields as well as forests and sand dunes. The sand dunes can still be traced back to the former basin of the Meuse. You pass several mills and the impressive Berne Abbey can be visited with a small detour.


Rest assured. At Heeswijk Castle, you can hook up anytime. When things get back to normal. Drop in At the Baroness and feast on all the goodies we have to offer.

Some basic fitness is required, but these bike routes are generally flat. Sometimes there is a small climb, but you get a lot in return!